IT Academy for Administrators

Who are Educational Administrators?

Individuals in education or government, or those who advise them, that have an influencer or decision-making roles that impact education policy, standards, funding, strategy or vision at a macro level – international, regional, national, state – not individual institutional level.


Our commitment to education is deep and ongoing. We’ve invested significantly in academic partnerships to foster research and development, and breakthrough technologies.  We’ve inspired countless students with innovative software, and opportunities to work through our Students 2 Business program. And we partner with Governments and inter-governmental agencies to imagine, deliver and support next generation learning.


How can an institution acquire the Microsoft IT Academy Program?

A Microsoft IT Academy Program subscription can be added to any of these Microsoft Volume License Agreements:

  • Campus and School Agreement – School Enrollment
  • Campus and School Agreement – Enrollment for Education Solutions
    (a new subscription enrollment under the Campus and School Agreement)
  • Academic Select Plus Agreement




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